List Files and Directories using glob in PHP

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August 24, 2018

This function allows us to perform a search for path names using wildcards. which is similar to the rules used by common shells.

Having the following parameters:

  • $pattern (mandatory): The search pattern
  • $flags  (optional): One or more flags.
    • GLOB_MARK – Adds a slash to each directory returned
    • GLOB_NOSORT – Return files as they appear in the directory (no sorting). When this flag is not used, the pathnames are sorted alphabetically
    • GLOB_NOCHECK – Return the search pattern if no files matching it were found
    • GLOB_NOESCAPE – Backslashes do not quote metacharacters
    • GLOB_BRACE – Expands {a,b,c} to match ‘a’, ‘b’, or ‘c’
    • GLOB_ONLYDIR – Return only directory entries which match the pattern
    • GLOB_ERR – Stop on read errors (like unreadable directories), by default errors are ignored.

Here is the example.

# Example1 : showing all html files in current directory.

$files = glob("*.html");

# Example2 : showing all files and directories in current directory.

$folder_files = glob("*");
Note: This function will not work on remote files as the file to be examined must be accessible via the server's filesystem.


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